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Freedom to Work from Anywhere

Never be out of touch with your office:
Covalent has set up and configured both Blackberry servers as well as Good Technology servers that allow the use of a wireless hand held device that will pick up your e-mail, address book, and calendar, real time, from anywhere. 

Be productive when life takes you away from the office:
Covalent uses Cisco Technologies to create a VPN connection between your office and remote offices, as well as for anyone working from a company laptop with an internet connection. 

Don't be tied to your desk:
Covalent can implement a wireless network in your office using Wi-Fi® wireless networks that will allow you to access your network resources from anywhere in the office without needing to carry cables and cords around. 

Secure your Data

Prevent down time due to viruses:
Covalent uses Symantec Anti-Virus to ensure that your network is protected from the latest virus threats. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid contracting a virus and in this case Covalent is equipped with a number of tools and strategies to repair your data quickly and effectively. 

Prevent loss of data:
Covalent uses both Veritas Backup Exec and Computer Associates ArcServe to run regularly scheduled backups to tape of your data. We regularly perform test restores to ensure the integrity of your backups. We also work with firms such as DataSafe to set up offsite storage of your tapes in the event of a disaster. A

Enhance Communication and Save Time

Eliminate waiting while doing Internet research:
By utilizing Covalent's expertise to implement high speed Internet connection you can increase your bandwidth to 50 times the speed of a regular dial up connection. We have experience with installing T-1 lines, Frame Relay, as well as the various forms of DSL (SDSL, ADSL, IDSL). 

Eliminate e-mail and scheduling disasters:
Covalent uses Microsoft Exchange Server to provide you with a central location to manage calendars, contacts, and e-mail. Your e-mail in box will never fill-up or reject important e-mails due to large attachments. Also e-mails within the office will be delivered accurately and instantaneously, regardless of the size or content. Exchange will allow you to effortlessly schedule meetings with co-workers, resources, and locations with a single request. With Exchange you will have the ability to share your contacts with co-workers with a single click, rather than having to e-mail them the information. 

Eliminate waiting in line at the fax machine:
Covalent uses e-fax to give your office a digital paper solution. Using e-fax technology allows your company to send faxes from anyone's computer in the office over the Internet. This will also allow you to receive faxes by e-mail. 

Eliminate excess printing and scanning costs:
Using a high volume network printer can decrease your cost per printed page by up to 5 cents per page. This also ensures that the printer is always available and not tied to a single employee's work station. Many offices use a single computer for a scanning station, but this can be time consuming and requires all employees to be familiar with image editing software. Using a network scanner documents up to 50 pages, and can be scanned in and delivered as an adobe acrobat document via e-mail at the push of a button, allowing employees to continue working.

  • Testimonials

    Covalent is always there for us - whether by phone, e-mail, or in person. Usually within moments, we are able to have our needs addressed and tended to. They go above and beyond the call, and are personable and a pleasure to work with, along with being very professional, capable, and dedicated to providing the best possible service. 

    Lynn Comer - Firm Administrator at Flicker & Kerin, LLP

    When Covalent Systems Group first started work for us, they made a number of recommendations that dramatically improved the security and performance of our network. They have supported our office for over three years, and have always been a reliable technology partner for immediate support as well as future planning and preparations. We have worked with other IT firms in the past, but none were as effective as Covalent Systems Group, LLC. Covalent Systems Group keeps our office network running so we can keep doing what we do best instead of wasting time on computer issues. 

    Dick Johnson - Partner, Saltzman & Johnson Law Corporation

    Covalent has worked with us for over three years, and has kept our network running smoothly the entire time. Whenever there is a problem, I can count on them to have it resolved quickly; I feel confident that our network is secure and stable. I trust Covalent to make recommendations that are the right choice for my organization. We are only as effective as our systems, and working with Covalent gives us the ability to be a highly-functioning team. 

    Vanessa Collins - Director of Operations and Communications, REDF