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Our Philosophy and Values

Covalent Systems Group, LLC was established in 2002 and has maintained a growing customer base ever since. Covalent is established on the guiding principle that our success is born out of the success and satisfaction of our customers. We continually improve and maintain our customer relationships by leveraging the controlled, natural growth of our business. We pride ourselves on maintaining our skill sets, and every consultant maintains a network at his or her home, as well as takes at least a week each year to attend certified training courses. 

Where does "Covalent" come from?

We take our name from a scientific principle. 

  • A covalent bond is the strongest that two atoms can share.
  • Through this property individual atoms are joined together.
  • This bond creates something greater than themselves. 

Commitment to our partners

We promote mutual growth for both your company and ours by creating a seamless integration linking your business processes and technology services. 

Working together with our clients and sharing our knowledge builds a solid foundation for a more successful relationship.

  • Testimonials

    Covalent is always there for us - whether by phone, e-mail, or in person. Usually within moments, we are able to have our needs addressed and tended to. They go above and beyond the call, and are personable and a pleasure to work with, along with being very professional, capable, and dedicated to providing the best possible service. 

    Lynn Comer - Firm Administrator at Flicker & Kerin, LLP

    When Covalent Systems Group first started work for us, they made a number of recommendations that dramatically improved the security and performance of our network. They have supported our office for over three years, and have always been a reliable technology partner for immediate support as well as future planning and preparations. We have worked with other IT firms in the past, but none were as effective as Covalent Systems Group, LLC. Covalent Systems Group keeps our office network running so we can keep doing what we do best instead of wasting time on computer issues. 

    Dick Johnson - Partner, Saltzman & Johnson Law Corporation

    Covalent has worked with us for over three years, and has kept our network running smoothly the entire time. Whenever there is a problem, I can count on them to have it resolved quickly; I feel confident that our network is secure and stable. I trust Covalent to make recommendations that are the right choice for my organization. We are only as effective as our systems, and working with Covalent gives us the ability to be a highly-functioning team. 

    Vanessa Collins - Director of Operations and Communications, REDF