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Are you losing$
on your printer?

Using a high volume network printer can decrease your cost per printed page by up to 5 cents per page. This also ensures that the printer is always available and not tied to a single employee's work station.

Don't betied
to your desk

Covalent can implement a wireless network in your office using Wi-Fi® wireless networks that will allow you to access your network resources from anywhere in the office without needing to carry cables and cords around.

time due to viruses

Covalent uses Symantec Anti-Virus to ensure that your network is protected from the latest virus threats. In the event of a virus Covalent is equipped with a number of tools and strategies to repair your data quickly.

Why choose our services

Enjoy all the benefits of having the regular attention of our experienced support staff. Our Scheduled Care program includes a discounted rate, a quarterly review, a customer notebook, and regularly scheduled onsite support (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)

Welcome to Covalent Systems Group, LLC

Covalent Systems Group, LLC was established in 2002 and has maintained a growing customer base ever since. Covalent is established on the guiding principle that our success is born out of the success and satisfaction of our customers. We continually improve and maintain our customer relationships by leveraging the controlled, natural growth of our business. We pride ourselves on maintaining our skill sets, and every consultant maintains a network at his or her home, as well as takes at least a week each year to attend certified training courses. 

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